Who Should Be the Next Coach of the Lakers?

The Lakers need a new coach, and have sent the gang out to interview. That includes expected players like GM Rob Pelinka and owner Jeanie Buss, but also more eyebrow-raising folks like the Rambi, Kurt and Linda. What should we make of the current Lakers braintrust? And what should we think of the three primary coaching candidates they’ve interviewed?

What do Ty Lue, Monty Williams, and Juwan Howard offer? Who should they hire, and why?

All that, plus…

…a look at a great article from Kurt Goldsberry about the evolution of the 3-pointer, and adjustments around it the NBA should consider.

…and a big week in pop culture, with Avengers: Endgame and GoT’s big Battle of Winterfell joining huge audiences together in ways rarely seen anymore.